Guest Speaker – Patrick Wright and Caitlyn Florentine

On Monday, November 17, at noon in CHCB 304, Patrick Wright, Geosciences Ph.D. Candidate, will give a talk entitled “Controls on Winter Velocity, Greenland Ice Sheet” followed by Caitlyn Florentine, Geosciences Ph.D. candidate. Her talk is entitled “Constraining the Effects of Bedrock Troughs on Ice Flow Using Radar Data and Numerical Modeling.”

M.S. Thesis presentation – Drew Cramer

On Friday, December 5, at 9:00 a.m. in CHCB 304, Drew Cramer will give his thesis presentation entitled “Proterozoic tectonometamorphic evolution of the Ruby Range, SW Montana, USA: Insights from phase equilibria modeling and in situ monazite petrochronology​.”

Guest Speaker – James Sears

James Sears will be giving the colloquium talk today (11/3/2014) at noon in CHCB 304.  His presentation is entitled “From River to Ridge: How the Continental Divide cut a ‘Super-River’ off at the Pass, Montana-Idaho Border.”

Guest Speaker – Robert Lankston

On Monday, October 13, at noon in CHCB 304, Robert Lankston, UM Department of Geosciences, will give a talk entitled “Dots to Data:  Manufacturing Digital Traces from Sign Bit Images of the 1970 Flathead Lake Seismic Sections.”

Guest Speaker – Larry Band

On Tuesday, October 7, at 4:00 p.m. in CHCB 304, Larry Band, University of North Carolina, GSA Birdsall-Dreiss Lecturer, will give a talk entitled “Critical Zone Processes at the Watershed Scale:  Hydroclimate and Groundwater Flowpath Mediated Evolution of Forest Canopy Patterns.”

Guest Speaker – Jim McKean

On Monday, September 29, at 12:00 Noon,  Jim McKean, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, will give a presentation entitled “Some Effects of Changing Flow Regimes on Stream Physical Habitat in Low-Gradient Meadows.”