Guest Speaker – Larry Band

On Tuesday, October 7, at 4:00 p.m. in CHCB 304, Larry Band, University of North Carolina, GSA Birdsall-Dreiss Lecturer, will give a talk entitled “Critical Zone Processes at the Watershed Scale:  Hydroclimate and Groundwater Flowpath Mediated Evolution of Forest Canopy Patterns.”

Guest Speaker – Jim McKean

On Monday, September 29, at 12:00 Noon,  Jim McKean, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, will give a presentation entitled “Some Effects of Changing Flow Regimes on Stream Physical Habitat in Low-Gradient Meadows.”

Guest Speaker – Jean Dixon

On Monday, September 15, at noon in CHCB 304, Jean Dixon, Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University, will give a talk entitled “Unravelling the Alps: Climatic vs Tectonic Controls on Erosion in the Eastern Austrian Alps”.

Guest Speaker – Dr. Michael Hofmann

On Monday, September 8, at noon in CHCB 304, Michael Hofmann, Geosciences Research Faculty, will give a presentation entitled “A Transforming Energy Sector—Geological, Technological, and Environmental Challenges.”